Sobering Thoughts

Everyday Birthday

I suspect that when you have faced a challenge head on you understand; you understand that agents of change are individual people who know that change is necessary and work to achieve it. Today we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King (MLK) who knew that what he held to be true for himself was also true for his people.  I am sure there were long periods of doubt and despair, but with faith this amazing man held true to his beliefs and convictions until his death; highly imperfect, this man helped us see people differently and set out to change our relationships with all people regardless of our differences.  In many ways, Alcoholics Anonymous has helped me find who I am so that I can face life’s joys and sorrows with the same conviction.  I honor this new insight each day when I say “I am powerless over Alcohol and that my life has become unmanageable.”  The admission of my flaws and my willingness to accept God’s grace, is tantamount to what every great leader accepts as the price of greatness:  responsiblity. We cannot all have the courage of an MLK, willing to accept responsiblity for the injustice and work to change it, but we can all take responsibility for our wrongs and work to correct them.  When having done this, I  truly experience a “new freedom and a new happiness.”  The n to do this work seems closely linked to waking up and seeing every day as a birthday, a chance to live anew in faith and hope.  Happy Birthday!



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