Sobering Thoughts

In Praise of White Space


Sometimes we just need a new day a fresh start.  Sometimes we need the timer reset, a “time out” like we give our children.  Oh yeah, that must have been what our parents were trying to teach us.  In Recovery I have learned to “pause when agitated or doubtful.”  The urgency of addiction has slowly been replaced by the peace of Sobriety but only when I practice it.  We talk about prayer and meditation as something we must do, I see it as something that makes my life better which gets to the quality of life I am hoping to have. It takes time, even years, to learn how to not react, to know that if I do not say something or do something immediately that it will be okay.  Take it a step further; I do not remember being told that an action can sometimes be doing nothing. I remember the first time I tried to write – it was painful and awful. I felt like I was doing nothing, wasting my time in fact.  Today I do not know what I would do if I could not seek out the comfort of the white space before I begin to ink up the page with words and ideas.  Today I look forward to the promise of the white space as I do the promise of a new day.  Today I know there will be so much to say, so many things to see.  And if this does not turn out to be true I have hope that tomorrow will be different.  Today I will embrace the white space and the new day with discpline and praise.  Today I know that peace is white.  Today I know that a blank slate awaits me and might even wonder what I will do with it.  Today when I get scared of the white space I look back and see all the pages I have filled – my life is being written and painted every moment of every day and this proves my choices matter.  Amen.


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